Quiller Gallery's 50th Anniversary

Join us on July 29th to celebrate 50 years of Quiller paintings! As part of our 50th year celebration we have two special offerings:

Celebrate Life Etching by Stephen Quiller

Celebrate Life

A four-color etching priced at $425 unframed and $590 framed. It is hand-pulled by the artist, in an edition of 50. Size: 18” x 12”

"Let the BEAUTY We Love Be What We Do."
~Rumi, 13th century poet and mystic

Interconnectedness, Autumn Aspen Walk by Stephen Quiller

Interconnectedness, Autumn Aspen Walk

A high resolution giclée print priced at $_____
An edition of 100. Size: 24" x 34"

To Purchase: Contact the Quiller Gallery at 1-800-876-5760 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Greetings, friends, painters, collectors and patrons:

This summer marks the 50th anniversary of the Quiller Gallery in Creede, Colorado. It seems like yesterday that I discovered this incredible place. Then, the mines were running 24 hours a day, and there was virtually no tourism. The town has changed enormously in these 50 years, and I have, too. As an early Creede friend used to say, “A lot of water has flowed under this bridge, and it ain’t all been clear neither!” But looking back, what a gift I have been given – to be able to live a life immersed in art, to live in these incredible mountains and to have tremendous support from my family, friends and community. It’s a way of life that I love, but it is very unpredictable.

Now, with this pandemic, we are facing a humbling and deadly foe. With so many lives and jobs lost, it is a very uncertain time, one where we need to band together, step up and help our brothers and sisters.

On this brochure’s cover is a painting called “Interconnectedness, Autumn Aspen Walk” that I did last fall. I love painting outside when the color is changing. There is a sense of timelessness. But, this period of time is short, and with a few wind gusts, the aspens are bare. We are having this painting made into a limited-edition dye sublimation archival print (26” X 18”) that will be framed with a cradled maplewood, ready to hang without a frame. It will be on display at the gallery. Please come to the gallery to enjoy it or see it online at quillergallery.com

On the back of this brochure, you will find a four-color, four-plate etching that I just finished, titled “Celebrate Life.” It is 18” x 12”, hand pulled and signed by me, an edition of 50, with the chop mark “Q” stamped in the corner. I felt that in this strangely dark time, it would be great to put positive energy into the world. I truly believe that the love that you put into a work of art has a living energy. Above and below this letter are two recent paintings I am also very excited about.

I have been blessed with a great year of production. My book “Painter’s Guide to Color,” which went out of print a few years back, is now being reprinted by Echo Point Books and Media of Brattleboro, Vermont. I’ve always felt this was a very important book, and this makes me so pleased! I am also finishing a book titled “Casein Painting With Stephen Quiller.” I’ve long wanted to write a book on casein, as there are no recent texts on the subject. I’ve been working with casein for close to 50 years, and because my daughter, Allison, has been archiving almost all of my paintings since 1970, I can now access the retrospective of casein paintings. There are examples of my paintings in this book from the early ’70s to the present. Working with casein for 50 years has given me a lifetime of knowledge and experience to share. To complement this book, the Jack Richeson Company produced five new casein colors to go along with the Quiller color palette. These two books will be out late summer and mid-autumn. Check my website for updates.

In this strange, devastating and uncertain time, I have discovered a different rhythm. This late winter I had so many projects and deadlines that I had to create a timeline to keep on schedule. Then, the virus hit. Time has slowed down. I have done a lot of painting, as you will see on our website. I’ve also cross-country skied most evenings. Marta and I are taking walks in remote areas. It’s given me time to rethink my priorities. It has given me time to be still. Spring is coming, the snow is melting, and the river is filling. The cycle begins again.

Go well with love, Steve

Workshops in Creede, Colorado

Spots Available  • August 16 - 26, 2020

Intensive Color and Water Media: Quiller Gallery, Creede, Colorado

This extended seminar is intended to give the participant a concentrated time to work with color and water media and have more time to enjoy this beautiful mountain town and region.  The afternoon of August 16 will be the check-in, dinner and evening presentation.  August 17-19 we will meet in the studio and focus on color using watercolor and gouache.  August 20th and 21st we will work plain air in our mountain region.  The 22nd will be an open day.  Artists can work in the studio or explore the town and area.  August 23-25 we will meet in the studio and focus on new directions in experimental water media.  We will use watercolor, gouache and acrylic and their combinations.  Marta and I will host a closing night dinner at our home with a tour of my studio on the evening of the 25th.  The morning of August 26th will be a final critique.  

quiller workshop IMG 1879

Spots Available  • Sept 27 - Oct 3, 2020

Plein Air Water Media Workshop: 4UR Ranch, Creede, Colorado

Paint with Stephen plein air at the most beautiful time of the year in this incredible mountain setting. Autumn aspen and cottonwood, mountains, streams, and more.

Each day we will go to a different location.  I will demonstrate at the start of the day and work with with students individually.  We will do a group critique in the late afternoon.  Their excellent food, pool, and hot spring spa certainly add to the experience.  Marta and I will host a Friday evening dinner at our home with a tour of my studio. 

quiller workshop IMG 1879

quiller workshop IMG 1879

Still a few spots available!  •  June 6 - June 12, 2021

Experimental Water Media - Color, Composition: 4UR Ranch, Creede, Colorado

This venue is simply the best I have ever experienced.  The accommodations, food, and care that the staff gives are incredible!  The ranch is located along six miles of mountain valley and streams and is the ultimate mountain setting.  Instruction during the week will emphasize color and composition in experimental water media. The workshop will be taught in a beautiful, remodeled, well-lit studio next to the fine dining restaurant and hot spring pool and spa.  Marta and I will host a closing night dinner at our home and a tour of my studio.

For information and to sign up please contact: Robin Christensen
PO Box 340, Creede, CO 81130 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   -  719-658-2202 - www.4urranch.com

creede ws


Quiller Awarded Silver Medal of Honor

Flickering Late Light Ridge TrailStephen Quiller, painter who lives in Creede, Colorado, has been selected for the Silver Medal of Honor at the 151st American Watercolor Society’s International Exhibition. He will be presented this honor at the AWS awards banquet at the Salmagundi Club in New York April 27th. His painting “Flickering Light Along the Ridge Trail” was inspired from late afternoon cross-country skiing experiences in the mountains above Creede.

Ann McCartney from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada will receive the Gold Medal and Chung-Wei Chein from Taipei City, Taiwan will be given the Bronze. This exhibition had entries from 28 different countries. The show will be on display in April at the Salmagundi Club in New York. Then forty of the paintings from this exhibit, including Quiller’s, will travel to six locations in the United States during the coming year. There is $46,000 for 32 awards this year.

To view the awarded paintings go to www.americanwatercolorsociety.org